Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Michael Boich is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Boich Group of Companies, a privately held coal marketing and mining company with offices in Ohio, West Virginia, and Florida. As CEO, Mr. Boich develops and drives the company’s vision and long-term strategic planning. Under his leadership, Boich Companies has enjoyed a remarkable period of growth and diversification, tripling its business in the last eight years.

Boich Companies was founded in 1963 in the heart of Ohio coal country. For the next three decades, the company maintained mining operations in southeast Ohio. In the mid 1990s, Boich Companies sold these operations and moved to its present headquarters in Columbus, OH to focus on the coal marketing business.

Mr. Boich joined the company in 1999 after graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami. He gained experience in all company functions over the next six years. During this time, he helped manage the acquisition of mining operations in West Virginia and Kentucky. Mr. Boich grew these operations to a run rate of more than 3 million tons a year from 2000 to 2005, at which time they were sold to a private equity group. Mr. Boich was named Chairman and CEO in 2005.

Today, Boich Companies maintains a robust coal marketing operation, moving 20 million tons of coal each year from coal producers to investor-owned utilities. In 2008, an entity owned by Mr. Boich acquired an interest in the Signal Peak Mine in Montana. Global Coal Sales, an affiliate of Signal Peak Energy, acquires Signal Peak coal from FirstEnergy Generation, and has established a significant presence in the international coal market at Mr. Boich’s direction.

With an eye to the future, Mr. Boich has also significantly diversified the company. He and Boich Companies are private investors in many different projects throughout the United States and abroad, including interests or ownerships in more than fifteen real estate, telecom, retail and financial service businesses.

Mr. Boich and his wife Cynthia live in Miami, FL and are active in social and philanthropic organizations in the area.