About Us

Boich Investment Group is a family investment office headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.

About us.

Founded in 1963, in the heart of Ohio coal country, Boich Investment Group maintained mining operations in southeast Ohio for three decades. In the mid-90’s, we sold these operations, moved to Columbus, and turned our focus to the coal trading business.

Our History

In the early 2000s, we again acquired mining operations in West Virginia and Kentucky, owning them until 2005, at which time they were sold to a private equity group.

In 2008, an affiliate of ours, along with FirstEnergy Corporation, acquired mining assets and developed them into Signal Peak Energy.

In late 2011, Pinesdale LLC, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Gunvor Group, Ltd., one of the world’s leading commodity traders, purchased a one-third interest in the Signal Peak Energy venture for $400 million. This transaction put the enterprise value of the operations at $1.5 billion inclusive of debt.

Today, Signal Peak has become one of the largest underground coal mines in the world, moving coal internationally to Asia and South America.

Family Investment Office

Boich Investment Group currently has a significant real estate portfolio with assets throughout the U.S., including multi-family, hotels, commercial and developments. We also invest in a wide range of businesses from emerging energy services, specialty financing services, telecommunications, technology and culinary services.

Our success in the coal industry created our legacy. Today, we’re equipped with the financial strength to invest in a variety of companies and transaction sizes to add to our portfolio. We’re always looking for new opportunities, and we’re committed to structuring strong business relationships that generate sustainable growth.

Boich Investment Group is headquartered in Miami Beach Florida with an office also in Columbus Ohio.

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