National Mining Industry Safety Leader

National Mining Industry Safety Leader

National Mining Industry Safety Leader

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Keeping Coal Mining Safe in Montana

Boich Companies’ success in the coal industry continues with their investment in Signal Peak Energy which is the winner of two prestigious safety awards this summer. Located in Roundup, Montana, Signal Peak Energy is one of the largest underground coal mines in the world and the only underground coal mine in Montana, moving coal internationally to Asia and South America.

A Leader in Mine Safety

With awards presented by Coal Age and Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute (RMCMI), Signal Peak Energy is the only coal mining company to win both safety awards in the same year.

Longwall USA 2017 Top Performer Award, High Seam Division

  • Awarded on June 13, 2017 for high productivity and exceptional safety

2017 Safety Award, Large Underground Mine

  • Awarded on June 26, 2017 for substantial production and continued remarkable safety performance through 2016

Fostering a Culture of SafetyFostering a Culture of Safety

Signal Peak Energy is committed to the safety of their employees and the surrounding communities. Working towards the common goal to become the safest, most productive longwall coal mine in the world, here are examples of their dedication and focus:

  • Daily hands-on safety meetings and ongoing education focused on accident prevention
  • Training to identify hazardous conditions and watch out for fellow employees
  • Zero-incident rate (zero reportable accidents) for over 21 months
  • More than 1,466 days and 2.5 million man hours without a lost time accident

Coal Mining SafetyCoal Mining Safety

With hundreds of people working together to produce 8 to 9 million clean tons of coal each year, it’s imperative that every employee knows what to look for in potentially unsafe working conditions. Boich Companies believes that investing in safety and health training not only keeps people safe, it boosts employee morale and gives peace of mind to both the mining operations and the miners.

“This is a direct reflection of our leadership and great team at Signal Peak and shows how focused they are on safely operating this mine,” commented Wayne M. Boich, Founder/Owner and Managing Partner.

Boich Companies would like to thank the men and women at Signal Peak Energy who are dedicated to working safely every shift, every day.


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